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Our factory lie in beautiful bank, Grand Canal side, favour spring under the mountain of Tai Hu, 1000 meters from national highway 312. Can arrive the International airports of Shanghai, Nanjing directly , The traffic is developed, it is convenient to transport, the communication is convenient .
    Our factory established in May of 1992, produced the stainless steel to bring the specialized factory, was having certain economic strength and technical force, Enjoy very high position in the same trade. Our factory covers an area of 5,000 square meters, construction area is 2700 square meters, the number of the worker is 68 now, 5 engineers and technicians among them. The whole factory has fixed assets of 3,526,500 yuan, circulating fund is 5,262,300 yuan, gross assets are up to 9,238,600 yuan. Having 5 sets of cold calender, return 3 sets of stoves bright in succession , other garden 1 grinding machine , The roll is ground equipment one, the number of cutting edge machine is 2, various kinds of test are self-contained.Steel band specification that produce mainly for width 8 mm-240mm, thickness 0.05 mm-3mm, annual 800 of production capacity, And allocate the means that the intact products measure and physics and chemistry checkout equipment correspondingly . In addition, our factory still develop the chemical industry packing and use a network of hole ripple packing material on the basis of original products, Lay a solid foundation for the development in the future of enterprises. Through the research of technique of factory, the surface quality of product is close the mirror , the board type is levelled, Can meet the needs of different electron trades .
    Our factory produce according to GB4239-91 standard stainless steel lead product apply to the trades, such as automobile, electron, machinery, chemical industry,etc. extensively, It not only needs higher geometry measurement but also need high mechanics performance and corrosion-resistant performance that require.
    The company has implemented the total quality control for many years, with scientific management, superior quality, The high quality service firmlies get the masses of customers' trust. Apply for ISO9000 authentication , make our factory quality management system last pieces of step nearly stage. Stride forward to the standard of" quality assurance system", develop the new brand constantly, in order to meet customer's demands, Welcome all circles old and new users and would appreciate the advice heartily, create tomorrow beautifully!